house plants

Growing plants in your home is a great way to bring nature inside. Easy to grow plants like succulents are growing in popularity because many people are discovering the joy of having plants inside their homes but want something that can handle the dry winter air. There are many benefits to growing plants of all types indoors in the winter.

Houseplants can change the look and feel of your home making them feel more modern and inviting. When staging your home houseplants make a great addition to your decor. Look for plants that blend into the room or add a pop of color and use pots that go seamlessly with your decor. 

Greenery has been proven to help fight depression. Green plants are a great way to bring the calming power of nature into your home and fight seasonal depression. Choose large leafy plants for the maximum effect. Bonus if you use a grow light on your plants that same light will help provide you with full spectrum light to help fight seasonal depression. 

Placing plants in your office or work space is a great way to improve your focus and attention while your work is likely due to your elevated mood. This is why it can be beneficial to add plants to your office or the room you set up for work of learning in the home. Families that have moved to working and learning from home can use this trick to help improve focus and attention.

Plants help to keep the air in your home from drying out. Keeping your plants watered will help keep moisture in the air. Dry winter air can lead to scratchy throat and eyes as well as worsening the severity of common illnesses like the seasonal cold and flu. While a humidifier is a great tool for fighting these illnesses, plants in your home through the winter can help as well. 

Plants don't just put moisture and oxygen into the air improving the quality of the room by filtering out VOCs but they breathe in the carbon dioxide you breathe out. This exchange is a great way to help keep the air in your home balanced and fresh even when you have to have your doors and windows closed to keep out the cold winter air. 

Provide your family with fresh food. While most of us do not have the room for an entire garden in our homes most of us can find the space for some fresh cooking herbs or salad greens in our homes. These fresh foods don't seem like much until you sit down to enjoy your fresh harvest. 

Keep your garden alive and ready to flourish for spring time. Bringing in some perennial plants gives them the best advantage to surviving the winter and thriving to the fullest in the spring when you return them outdoors. This is a great way to take advantage of growing plants that are better suited for warmer growing zones. Mayar lemons are a popular tropical that does well when moved indoors in the winter and will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.