home scents

No matter how clean your home is it will never feel truly clean unless it smells fresh and clean. Odors can be caused by everything from lack of air circulation to something that didn't quite get cleaned right or from the last meal you cooked. Keeping your home smelling great can take a little effort with a big return. If you are selling your home you will want to put extra effort into how your home smells when staging for open houses and viewings. These tips will help keep your home smelling great.

When cooking something that has an unpleasant odor like fish place a bowl of vinegar on your stove top to help neutralize the odor. As you clean away the packaging from the foods take them directly to the outdoor trash can to reduce odors that may linger in the trash. 

Change your trash if you notice an odor. Placing coffee grounds on top of your trash to help neutralize trash odors if you can not take the bag out right away. 

Clean areas that may trap water and odors such as under appliances on your kitchen counter and rungs in the bathroom. It doesn't take much for odors to form and take over the house. 

Use a pet enzyme cleaner of fabric and porous surfaces when cleaning your home to neutralize unwanted pet odors. Often sold to get rid of urine accidents from pets these cleaners can fix any pet odors and can be handy for human odors as well like stinking shoes, sweaty workout clothes, and child bed accidents. 

Use fabric refreshers on areas of your home that can not be washed. This will help to eliminate odors that can't be washed away from sofas, curtains, and other items you may not have time or ability to give a full washing. 

Keep fresh plants in your home. There are many benefits to growing fresh plants in your home ranging from keeping your home smelling great to helping improve the air quality. Houser plants can make your home smell and look cheerful and inviting. 

Candles are a great way to make your home smell great and add a relaxing lighting effect to your home.  Choose a candle with a fragrance that carries through the house but doesn't overwhelm. 3 wick candles will send out their fragrance faster while wooden wick candles will give your space a relaxing quiet crackling sound. 

If you do not want to use candles or would prefer to have a more natural and inexpensive option using an essential oil diffuser is a great option for keeping your home smelling great. Some oils are not safe for around animals so do your research before using essential oils around your pets. 

Avoid using strong scented cleaners before having someone come over. While cleaners like bleach can be used to make your home clean and kill germs they can leave behind a harsh odor that doesn't smell welcoming and fresh. When cleaning up before people arrive opt for mild scented cleaners or just plain water and microfiber to prevent from overwhelming soft welcoming fragrances you are using around the home.