Speed Up Your WiFi

Slow WiFi can make life difficult for the entire family. With more families home now than ever, we are seeing more of a need for our homes to have a fast reliable WiFi signal. While you can always upgrade your plan until you have the fastest internet your provider has to offer, this will only go so far in providing your family with faster internet. The more people using the lines in your area the slower your internet will get and nothing can fix the incoming speed. The good news is, there are several things you can do to speed up your internet inside your home. 

Start by testing your WiFi signal strength. This can be done by using apps from most internet providers. If you are unsure you can call your internet provider for directions on how to check the actual speed of your WiFi router. IF your single is much lower than expected for your service plant it is time to think about upgrading your equipment. 

Even if your signal through your router is not the main issue upgrading your modem and router equipment is a great way to improve the WiFi signal in your home by pushing out a stronger signal than your current equipment.  Call your internet provider and ask about equipment upgrades through them or a third party seller such as Best Buy. 

Check the devices using your internet connection. Often when families see a sudden slow down it is due to someone else piggybacking off their signal. This is common in apartments where many people are within your wifi range. If you notice someone outside of your household is using your internet you can change your password to a more secure WiFi password to stop them from using your connection. 

Get a WiFi signal booster. This can be a great way to improve your WiFi signal in a home where the signal is less desirable. This can be a common issue if your home is larger than the distance your router can reach. A signal booster will speed up your internet while extending the distance you have a signal. 

Clean up your devices. Sometimes a slow WiFi signal is not your connection at all but your device. An overrun device with no storage or ram left available for use can be a big hit on speed including the speed of your internet loading. Clean out unneeded files and run a defrag cycle on computers for a quick and easy speed boost. Running updates that you have put off on your device can make a big difference across all devices for WiFi signal. 

Check what your family is doing online. While it may not seem like much if you are trying to get something done online, your family can significantly lower your WiFi speed by streaming video online or playing online games. If you need your signal to be at full strength for a zoom meeting make sure everyone else is offline or at least doing something that won't drain your WiFi signal quality and leave you lagging.